Nicole (NC, USA) – Nicole was my Pranic Healing instructor and I have also benefited from her healing on multiple occasions, for both physical and emotional issues in my life. I have found her to be exceptional in all that she does! The Pranic Healing class she taught me changed my life, partly because what she […]

Nicole is an exceptional teacher and healer!

Colleen (FL, USA) – Nicole has been doing Pranic healing for my 90-year-old mother for the past several years, and the positive benefits of these sessions are simply too numerous to document.  When Nicole started seeing her, Mom was experiencing severe pain in her knees, neck, shoulders, arm, and low […]

Nicole used Pranic Healing to facilitate unbelievable improvement in my ...

Lea (CO, USA) – Pranic Healing was instrumental in my healing during my medical treatment for Lyme disease.  Without Nicole Fouche and her gift for healing, I truly believe my road to recovery would have been much rockier.  Any time I was struggling physically, emotionally, or spiritually I would make […]

Nicole is a genuinely caring, warm person who exudes love.

Kathy (PA, USA) – It is hard to image the life I would be living had I not found the benefits and blessings of Pranic healing. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, the healing powers of Pranic healing have helped me find a deeper sense of self-understanding and inner peace. With that freedom […]

It is hard to image the life I would be ...

Danielle (VA, USA) -In 2012 when I turned 40, I was a stressed out, recently “let go”, angry, burned-out, fearful, self-medicating, purposeless, smoker husk of a version of the young successful, joyful, me. I was miserable, yet did not know how to change things around. And then my sister-in-law Nicole Fouché […]

My life has NEVER been the same again.

Christy (FL, USA) – As a parent grieving the loss of my only child unexpectedly, my soul was crushed. Pranic Healing has saved my life by removing my sub-conscious internal self- talk of not wanting to continue living. It has giving me peace and expanded my spirituality and faith. I […]

Pranic Healing has saved my life.